About Us

We are proud producers of handmade fudge which we are thrilled to sell to the good people of Birmingham and beyond.

Established in November 2017 after looking for an enterprise that would combine our love of sweet things with a level of autonomy that can only be achieved by running one's own business.

Our first forays into the business saw us selling at Kings Heath Markets in December where we anxiously awaited to see how our fudge would be received. Buoyed by the generous response from the fabulous customers we hope to branch out to even more local markets and some others a little further afield. 

We make fudge using a traditional recipe which means it consists of only 4 ingredients. To this, we add various additions such as nuts, dried fruit, fairtrade dark chocolate and natural extracts to turn a simple fudge recipe into the range of delicious flavours that we have to offer you.

We believe in responsible portion sizes, and each block of fudge is an ideal size to share.

We are extremely thankful to all the people that bought our fudge at those first few markets and from the overwhelmingly positive response and we are delighted that we now offer our fudge online. Thank you all.